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Machine Operator

Machine Operator

Akron 3116

Macedonia OH US

Job location

Macedonia OH US

Phone(330) 991-5010
BranchAkron 3116
Pay Rate$18.00/hour

Job Description

We are currently hiring for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift cell tech located in Macedonia, OH starting at $18/hr. Apply today, start tomorrow! 

Machine Operator Duties

  • Cast defects and probable causes of defects 
  • Basic troubleshooting for ladles and reciprocators 
  • Monitor furnace function. 
  • Process monitoring charts. 
  • Record data on whiteboard. 
  • Special characteristics. 
  • Other duties as assigned, along with special projects needed by upper management.

    Aluminum Department specific
    • Change tips and rams, plunger, ring, and nozzle 
    • Ladle adjustment for proper pour height, along with set-up data/program data for correct biscuit size 
    • Basic operation of shot bead system 
    •  Use shot scope to troubleshoot casting problems and defects as well as recording downtime and scrap count 
    • Clean extractor, shot end, and belly of machine

    • Zinc Department specific
    • Change the plunger, nozzle and rings 
    • Repair minor water leaks on die

Cell Tech Requirements

  • Have knowledge on split lots. 
  • Decisive and able to work independently 
  • Ability to read and understand written directives 
  • Must have a good attendance record, and able to work flexible schedules including overtime, nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary 

You are one application away from improving your life! Apply today, start tomorrow! 


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