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AutoCAD Technician

AutoCAD Technician

Daytona Beach FL US

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Daytona Beach FL US


Job Description

 AutoCAD Technician    

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Drafter/CAD Technician will maintain accurate base plans using the company’s current computer-aided design software to draft accurate working floor-plans incorporating customized changes to meet production requirements of company within the standards, policies and procedures set out by company guidelines by performing the following duties which include but are not limited to. Maintain efficient and timely turnaround of accurate construction documents for production of ICI Homes, i.e. specific plan drawings generated from Pre-start and Customer Option Forms via direction of the team leader As needed, work with ICI Sales, Marketing and Development to create a lot-fit matrix for new areas and additional phases of subdivisions that are developed.

as needed, work with ICI Sales to create specific lot fits for homes that are not standard and require modification.

Assist with the acquisition of plot plans, survey drawings, truss engineering, energy calculations through an accountable system as requested by ICI personnel.

Continue on-going process of plan revisions to all ICI base plans as necessary to meet code compliance and an improved overall plan.

Maintain accurate records of revised construction details.

Maintain current plot files of our base plans for printing as required.

Work with ICI Customer Relations Department, Product Development and Design Personnel and/or the Production Department as needed to create design changes of existing ICI plans, add customized changes to existing, new or master plans and assist in the development of new plans as directed.

Keep current on software updates and equipment enhancements in order to maintain a state of the art department.

Archiving of plans as needed for call-up and retrieval.

Facilitate in the positive growth of the ICI Plans department by following policies and procedures, value engineering and time/cost efficiency methods.

Work closely with the other Plans Department staff members for the highest quality and most efficient output.

EQUIPMENT OPERATED:  Standard office equipment, large format plotter/scanner

POSITION REQUIREMENTS (Experience, Licenses or Certifications required)

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