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Car Detailer

Car Detailer

Fontana 3138

Fontana CA US

Job location

Fontana CA US

Phone(909) 200-3131
BranchFontana 3138
Pay Rate$15.50/hour

Job Description

Please Call 909-200-3131 To be placed available for this position.

TEXT "DETAILER" to be placed available.

**Driver License REQUIRED**



Private Car Auction Company working with Cars Detailing working indoor & outdoor under shade.


Responsible for removing window tint and stickers from windows and vehicles using a steamer and other tools. Position is outdoors.

Quality Control Lead- 

Responsible for quality assurance and making sure production line is running efficiently. Must be bilingual. Interview required.


Employee takes care of what is all of the body of the unit. They Take care of Spray Waxing or rotary buffing the body depending on the service being asked to be done. They take care of applying bright shine on all outside plastic and tires also cleaning rims and door jams.



Employees take care of detailing all of what is the inside of the unit. They will have to vacuum all the interior and detail all plastic (cupholders, center dash, door) with soap. They have to look for stains on headliner and seats and apply a leather and plastic shine depending on the service being asked for.



Employees have to remove all trash, personal information (registration, bills, dealer slips) and give a brief vacuum to the unit. Also, a pre soap on plastic that have gunk stuck to it.



Washer have to wet the car apply soap Clay the unit ( Removes contamination stuck in paint) depending on service being asked for. Heads up washer will be provided with boot and an apron to avoid getting too wet.


Steam motor-

Steamer will take care of pressure washing and applying degrease to engine and rims also takes care of washing door jams. Will also provide boots and aprons.



Employee takes care of removing all grease pen writing and stickers on windows inside and out.



Employee takes care of what is the trunk space of the car. They vacuum and fix carpets in the trunks also apply soap to all plastic surroundings.

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