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Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electrician

Santa Ana 3009

Huntington Beach CA US

Job location

Huntington Beach CA US

Phone(714) 477-1776
BranchSanta Ana 3009
Pay Rate$25.00/hour

Job Description



Monday - Friday 3pm -11:30pm

Training Monday - Friday 7am - 3:30pm.




  • Plan and perform work requiring knowledge of electrical and electronic wiring specifications, local and national electrical codes, properties of various materials, and principles of operation and application of electronic equipment.

  • Plan details of working procedure to determine material or replacement needs.

  • Determine logical approach to repair problems.

  • Service electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuit modules, printed circuit boards, and similar electronic devices.

  • Perform plant-wide electronic and electrical maintenance, making operating adjustments as needed.

  • Analyze mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and operational problems on assigned equipment, plan and take corrective action.

  • Make necessary corrections and running adjustments to maintain production and quality.

  • Maintain and install communication cables, power distribution cables and wiring, perform splicing as required.

  • Fabricate parts using machine and hand tools common to the trade.

  • Inform supervisor and Machine Operators of potentially dangerous electrical equipment and corrective actions taken.

  • Make preventive maintenance check and inspection of assigned equipment.

  • Maintain company-required performance and maintenance records for electronic and electrical equipment.

  • Perform repair, rebuilding or overhaul work of manufacturing or service equipment from blueprints, company manufacturing manuals, written or verbal instructions.

  • Notify supervisor or manager of any potential safety hazards.

  • Knowledge of AC/DC drives/motors and PLCs preferred.

  • Perform other jobs and tasks as required.




1. Experience with plastic processing equipment preferred.

2. High school diploma and equivalent work experience.

3. Possesses a degree or certificate from a technical school or equivalent work experience.

4. Extensive technical knowledge of electronics as determined through the job selection interview.

5. Must be eligible to work in the USA

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