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Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associate

Doral (Miami) 3109


Job location


Phone(786) 600-3770
BranchDoral (Miami) 3109
Pay Rate$15.50/hour

Job Description

Record Center Specialists must kneel, squat, reach, and bend forward frequently throughout their shifts.

Their primary tasks include the moving, arranging, lifting, and loading of storage boxes, bins, and totes. 

Boxes, bins, and totes range in weight from 24lbs to over 100lbs. 

Employees move boxes manually and via hand carts. 

Protective footwear is required Steel toe protection and have a slip-resistant rating designated as “Better or Best” Job Summary/Work Schedule Normal Work Schedule: 5 days a week, 9 hours a day including 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks. 

Description of position and job requirements: 

Employees process orders and move boxes of files, books, binders, backup tapes and other materials. 

The work is very physical requiring the manual lifting, carrying, and moving/arranging of boxes while standing, stooping, crawling, kneeling, and twisting. 

Employees must be able to lift and carry boxes ranging in weight from 10-100lbs on a regular basis, without assistance. 

Employees must be able to load and safely operate hand trucks and pallet jacks while walking on uneven and concrete surfaces. Essential Functions: 

- Walk, stand, kneel, squat, stoop, and bend for extended periods of time 

- Work without assistance to grip, lift, push, pull, and carry boxes including up and down inclines, stairs, and over changes in walking surface/elevation 

- Read and write English 

- Lift and move boxes, read labels, and process incoming and outgoing orders. 

- Use the proprietary computer system to track orders and determine the location of boxes 

- Operate handheld scanner 

- Climb and balance on ladders 

- Lift and carry boxes weighing up to 100 lbs. without assistance for prolonged periods 

- Employee must be able to load, operate and move hand carts, pallet jacks and various other material handling aids 

- Load and shrink wrap pallets at ground level, or on carts 

- Load boxes onto pallets and load pallets onto trucks manually and with material handling aids




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