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Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Johns Creek 3077

Suwanee GA US

Job location

Suwanee GA US

Phone(770) 626-5246
BranchJohns Creek 3077
Pay Rate$47.00/hour

Job Description


To provide engineering expertise for assembly processes, methods, manufacturing systems and technologies that will result in highly producible, quality product designs and manufacturing systems that are capable and cost effective in a new manufacturing location.


$43 - $45 per hour

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Review and analyze manufacturing methods in sub-assembly and assembly areas. Capture the “as built” product components, manufacturing methods and related work instructions. Document workstation design, material flow, KANBAN design, and sequence.

  • Work with the design engineers in transferring the product information from the assembly line to the design books, 3D models, bill of materials and overall product information. Participate in design reviews.

  • Participate in a chartered project team activities involving value analysis, design reviews, and product transfer. Use value-engineering techniques to reduce cost and increase customer value.

  • Review and analyze manufacturing procedures, make recommendations for design and/or manufacturing methods and coordinate projects which will result in more efficient manufacturing costs and/or enhanced quality. Maintain project objectives and financial documentation.

  • Participate in product improvements using Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis and design for ergonomics. Document and transfer the information and details and transfer to the receiving manufacturing location.

  • Coordinate product line transfer based on project transfer development timeline including analysis, justification and recommendations for facilities, equipment and/or manpower requirements.

  • Conduct problem solving processes utilizing “Is-Is Not”, “5 Whys” and other similar methodologies (fishbone, cause effect, etc.) for root cause analysis.

  • Identify key product and process characteristics

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