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Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor

Buford 3074

Lawrenceville GA US

Job location

Lawrenceville GA US

Phone(770) 502-6339
BranchBuford 3074

Job Description

Perform adjustments in Robot programs. ( Welding , Material handling )


Perform adjustments in welding program when required and participate in improving efficiency and cycle



Set up robotic welding stations by operating/retrieving various computer programs stored in robotic

welding equipment.


Adjust equipment and change welding fixtures as necessary to ensure good quality welding


Maintain the plant equipment and participate in new installations. ( Chiller , Compressor , etc )

Assist with establishing, implementing and maintaining continuous plant operation by

establishing preventative maintenance, equipment modification and repair programs in facility

to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations while providing a safe

environment for employees.


Provide direction and assistance to the Maintenance department that will assist meeting and/or

exceeding customer requirements.


Perform root cause analysis to identify causes of machine breakdowns (downtime analysis) and

make recommendations to fix problem/issue


Assist with developing an effective and functional Preventative Maintenance system


Ensure that PM’s and Work Orders are completed on time and are effective


Ensure that spare part quantities are at the proper level based on usage.


Ensures that all maintenance projects are staffed and are provided with all required materials


Assists with troubleshooting equipment failures


Coordinate with Engineering new equipment installation.


Participate in the implementation of Engineering Changes.


Participate in continuous improvement activities that enhance quality and efficiencies


Provide expertise in reducing cost of maintenance


Assist with training for employees both on the floor and in classroom on maintenance safety


Assist with oversee training, skill development and apprenticeship programs


Participate in equipment purchases and components


Negotiate contracts with outside vendor for execution of maintenance work.


Any other reasonable request made by management.


Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the


Occupational Health and Safety Act by ensuring the principles of the 5S discipline (simplify,

separate, sanitize, standardize and support) are supported and adhered to.


Contributes to a safe, clean and comfortable work environment that complements the

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